Upcoming Event:

Buy tickets now for our September 22nd, Trivia Night at Iconica Social Club!

Would you like to bring us to your fine establishment? We’d love to come! Contact us at info@imaginarybookshop.com for more details. With over eight years of event planning experience between us, we can host the dang heck out of a book themed evening.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle wedding centerpieceTrivia

Do you know more about literature than other people? Prove it. Currently available themes are: Books’n’Booze, Witches in Literature, and Imaginary Books.

Book Pairings

Books and beer! Books and wine! Books and…sandwiches! Whatever! You got a thing, we’ll find a book that makes an extremely good companion. A ticket to one of our book pairing events will get you, for example, a flight of beer and one book to take home. As the brewer describes each beer, we’ll describe a book we think pairs very nicely. After, choose your favorite book to take home

Craft Nights

We got flowers made outta old book pages! We got themed embroidery!

Book Clubs

Don’t go it alone–read with friends! We’ll provide books at a discount and lead the discussion. And we won’t make fun of you if you put ice in your wine. You do you.
Book Club: Book Words Edition
It’s like a book club, but instead of everyone having to read the same book, we all just talk about whatever it is we’re reading at the moment or have read. To tie it together nicely, we talk about specific theme that’ll be announced before each event.

Book Swaps

Bring a used book (still in very good condition) and come prepared to explain why your book is a must-read. Then everyone will fight, perhaps to the death, over the best books. We’ll facilitate the swapping and have our wares for your perusal. We will not mop up blood.